You see glasses you like but want to try them on first? Or you want to buy prescription glasses but you do not have your prescription details?

No problem! We have a physical store in region Antwerp. All glasses shown on our web shop are in store, so stop by and feel free to try them on! We also do a complete and free eye exam.

In our physical store you can also buy contact lenses, safety glasses with corrective lenses, hearing protection and hearing aids. Our range of eyewear brands is more extensive in our physical shop than on the web shop.

So see you soon!

Physical store Optiek De Leersnijder

Eyecatchonline – online store

Optiek De Leersnijder – physical store

Bredabaan 419c – 2990 Wuustwezel
+32 3 669 63 21

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Friday: 09:00–12:00 | 13:30–18:15
Saturday: 09:00–12:00 | 13:30–17:00
Sunday - Monday: closed